Shengrui P2 hybrid technology appears at the world new energy vehicle Conference

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1st July, the world conference on new energy vehicles was held in boao, hainan province, Shengrui P2 hybrid technology appeared in the exhibition area of the conference.


The convention exhibited Shengrui third generation 8AT, hybrid power 8HT, vertical hybrid 8AT, compact and efficient 8AT.


Shengrui P2 hybrid series of products have a strong precipitation and foundation, after 12 years of research and development and industrialization, Shengrui 8AT has upgrade third generation 8AT, with its stable performance, high quality, good service has been widely praised by automobile enterprises and users. At present, Shengrui 8AT  series products have successfully matched 18 models from 9 oems,13 models has gone on sale. Shengrui P2 hybrid series of products is based on the third generation of shengrui 8AT products, adopt modular, platform research and development mode research and development, the fuel consumption of 100km is only 2-5L, has reached the passenger car fuel consumption state six fourth stage standard, It is widely used in suvs, MPVS, off-road vehicles, pick-up trucks, medium buses, A /B /C class cars and other passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles.




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