Ling Wen, a member of the Party group of Shandong Provincial People's government, visited Shengrui

date:2019-5-29 17:08:56 visits:


28th May, Member of the leading party members' group of shandong provincial people's government Ling Wen visited Shengrui with Deputy secretary and mayor of weifang municipal party committee Tian Qingying.


Ling Wen visited 8AT exhibition hall, 8AT production line, and inquried Party building of the company, to the company's party building guidance, research and development mode, site management and other work expressed affirmation.


Ling Wen said that Shengrui 8AT broke foreign technology monopoly, National enterprises for the credit, technological level is very high, Shengrui’s independent innovation is doing very well, overturned my impression of the traditional machining industry. Shengrui has cultivated a full of vigor and vitality, young promising, has the drive, can innovate the outstanding team, you are a very ambitious bunch, shoulder the responsibility and mission of the country and the nation, to the world's first continuously strive, forge ahead.


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