Shengrui P2 Technology Landing In TMC, Opening China Hybrid Power First Year

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The 11th Transmission Symposium China (TMC2019) was successfully held from April 19 to 20, 2019. Shengrui Transmission P2 hybrid power technology and series products was displayed in TMC.



The dean of Shengrui Transmission research institute of engineering and technology and the chief scientist Su Chengyun was invited making speech. Shengrui 3rd generation 8AT, hybrid power 8HT, Longitudinal hybrid power 8HT, high-efficiency compact 8AT was displayed on 88-89 booth.



TMC was held by China Society of Automotive Engineering, this event provided more than 50 reports, 68 companies participated in product and service exhibition, and more than 900 industry professional practitioners attended the meeting. Announcement of Shengrui P2 hybrid power technology, which is the first mature P2 hybrid power technology and series products displaying in TMC, it would stimulate new waves of China automobile industry development and opening China P2 hybrid power first year.


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