Shengrui Transmission Automatic Transmission New Product Release and 2019 Automobile Industry Development Situation Summit Forum

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18th January, Shengrui Transmission Automatic Transmission New Product Release and 2019 Automobile Industry Development Situation Summit Forum, which was sponsored by China Automobile Newspaper Co.,Ltd. and undertook by Shengrui Transmission, was held in 8AT ground floor. Industry experts, 12 passenger enterprises, more than 180 suppliers representatives and more than 20 media reporters attended.



Annual output 300,000 sets automatic transmission intelligent line interconnecting ceremony.



The general manager of China Automobile Newspaper Co.,Ltd. Xin Ning hosted this activity, he pointed out that as the representative of domestic independent component producing enterprise, Shengrui Transmission had grasped forward direction R&D capacity of automatic transmission, had sustainable innovation capacity of international frontier automatic transmission technology, furthermore, Shengrui had exploited series product genealogies which owns 8-gears automatic transmission as base, covering fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles.



The chairman of Shengrui Liu Xiangwu suggested that Shengrui relies on two national R&D platforms and has established R&D branch centers in Germany, U.S., Beijing and Tsingtao, which consisted of ¡°three countries and five locations¡± R&D layout, which owns 576 effective patents and 110 invention patents. 


In 2018, Shengrui had successfully released 3rd Generation 8AT, hybrid power 8HT, hybrid power 6HT, high-efficiency compact 8AT, longitudinal layout 8AT. There are two new strategies of Shengrui, one of them is energy conservation automatic transmission horizontal development strategy which are from 200N¡¤m to 450N¡¤m, from two-wheel-drive to all-wheel-drive and from front layout to longitudinal layout. The another one is new energy vehicle automatic transmission longitudinal development strategy which are from 6AT to 13AT, from hybrid power 6HT to hybrid power 8HT and to electric drive system.



The dean of Shengrui Institute of Engineering and Technology and Chief Scientist Su Chengyun made the speech ¡°Automatic Transmission New Product Promotion¡±.



The dean of Tsinghua University Institute of Automobile Industry and Technology Strategy, chairman of World federation of automotive engineers Zhao Fuquan made the speech ¡°Automobile Industry Situation Development Report¡±.



The secretary-general of China Europe Association Gear Transmission Industry Branch Li Shengqi hosted 2019 Automobile Industry Development Situation Summit Forum.



Before the activity, participants visited automatic transmission producing scene.



Shengrui has built the nation first hybrid power automatic transmission intelligent producing line. It has 73% automation rate, mainly producing hybrid power 8HT, hybrid power 6HT and other 8AT series product, the target qualification rate of one off line is 99.5%.



We would spend 2 or 3 years, to insist on high quality development, regard the product quality as the soul of automatic transmission, satisfy customers¡¯ demands, becpme the leader of China automatic transmission.


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