¡°Million Financial Endowment¡± Supports Education of High-tech Zone

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25th December, "Shengrui Education Financial Endowment¡± opening ceremony was held in Shengrui. 

The participants of this opening ceremony were Zhang Shiliang who is the chairman of Weifang High-tech Zone¡¯s Charity Federation, Lang Jian who is the member of the Party Committee in Social Affairs Bureau, Party branch secretary of Zhuohe Timberland and director of executive office in High-tech Zone Charity Federation, Lu Jiming who is the member of the Party Committee and deputy director in Weifang High-tech Zone Education Bureau, Wang Dongbing who is the secretary of the party committee and executive deputy general manager of Shengrui.

The ceremony was hosted by Ju Chengming who is the deputy director of executive office in Shengrui. Chairman of the Shengrui labor union Wang Qiaoqiao declared Weifang High-tech Zone Charity Federation Subscription Agreement.


"Shengrui Education Financial Endowment¡± contain 1 Million Yuan within 10 years, and setting up High-tech Zone Charity Naming Federation, in order to support education development. The aim of this Financial Endowment is to award excellent teachers, excellent class teachers, teacher training, poverty student and so on.

Shengrui devotes themself to rapid developing, focuses on social public welfare and education, we hope that more and more students endeavor to be the national pillars within the help of "Shengrui Education Financial Endowment¡±.


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