Shengrui Diesel Engine Parts is located in Anqiu Economic Development Zone. It has many subsidiary factories including the factory of casting, connecting rod, piston pin, water pump, housing, camshaft, flying wheel & exhaust pipe, block, and stamping parts. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development of diesel engine parts, andis one of the well-known comprehensive manufacturers of diesel engine parts in China.

The company has many years of experience in the production of diesel engine parts, and has mastered the R & D and manufacturing of various types of diesel engine parts. Its equipped with machining, metal forming, cold pressing, heat treatment, hot rolling, welding, assembly test, mold manufacturing.The processing methods have formed 9 series products including connecting rods, piston pins, camshafts, flywheels, flywheel housings, water pumps, exhaust pipes, cylinder blocks, small and medium-sized parts, and more than 1,000 products, covering 2.8-64L diesel engines. The product has a domestic market share and sold all over the world. It has developed into a domestic specialized, sophisticated and strong leader in diesel engine parts.

By vigorously implementing intelligent transformation and realizing the New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion, market competitiveness and social influence have been significantly improved. The company has built 3 intelligent production lines, more than 10 automated production lines and intelligent metal forming center. The center has make extensive use of high-tech processing equipment such as German HWS production line, German ALFING production equipment, Austria Aixelin heat treatment equipment, Japan Mazak machining center, Japan Mori precision machining center, Germany Mikrosa centerless grinder, Germany SCHOTT grinder, Japan Nippon grinder, and  the production line is equipped with industrial robots, AGV transfer vehicles, truss manipulators and other efficient logistics equipment. At the same time, it owns a diesel engine component research and development platform that integrates technology research and development, test and inspection, pilot test, and technical service, as well as the leading domestic physical and chemical laboratory, metrology and testing room, and modern pilot plant, which strongly guarantees the development and testing of diesel engine components in China Improvement of detection ability. With high-end intelligent manufacturing capabilities, it has successfully entered the world's top five diesel engine brands.

The company always adheres to the development strategy of building a century-old enterprise, with the tenet of "customer-centric, struggling-oriented, sustainable management" as its purpose, vigorously integrates world resources, and with continuously innovates and develops, gradually enhances core competitiveness, and strives to become a first-class company. The research and development and manufacturing base of diesel engine parts has become a well-known brand with international influence.


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