Concentrate together, work together towards high-end, and co-cast the value chain

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On January 4th, Shengrui 2020 Business Conference was grandly held. More than 180 suppliers from all over the world participated in the conference. Together with Shengrui, they formed the value chain and joinedto move towards a new high-end model.


Awarded for Excellent Suppliers

Awarded for Best Quality

Awarded for BestCooperation


Chairman Liu Xiangwu delivered a speech. He said that our goals not limits toa good job in the market, or the results to capture products and achieve customer satisfaction. We will build  mutual trust, respect, unbreakable, andbenefits in suppliers-Shengrui-customers chainwhich is our ultimate goal in the future, and our market survival rule for enterprises in the new business format.

Facing with new opportunities and new challenges, we must find ways to survive and develop. We are ready to build the world brand 8AT! Looking forward to the next 5 years, we have the advantages that other industrial chain companies do not have. Therefore, we must unify our thinking, goals, and actions to make customers more confident for Shengrui, products, and supply ability. The chain is more persevering. We have the determination and ability to achieve this ultimate goal. Let us unite our hearts, and work hard together to move towards the high-end and cast the value chain together!


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