The 3th innovation conference of Shengrui Transmission was grandly held

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On December 25th, Shengrui held the 3th innovation conference to commend the innovation achievements in 2019, hired the chief scientists , craftsman, and awarded the flag for the 2020 innovation project.


Liu Juntao, captain of the high-quality development service team of a private enterprise in Shandong Province and second inspector of  Foreign Affairs office of Shandong Provincial People's Government , presented an award to the representative of the innovation project team.


Chairman Liu Xiangwu issuedthe appointment letter for chief scientists


Chairman Liu Xiangwu issuedthe appointment letter for craftsman

Chairman Liu Xiangwu awarded flags for 2020 innovation projects

Liu Xiangwu said in his speech that if a company wants to develop, innovation should be a persistent and normal factor. Only by analyzing the future, recognizing the enterprisenature, grasping the weak links of the current enterprise, and continuing to innovate can we maintain the source of economic growth. The essence of entrepreneurship is innovation, and the source of innovation is the emancipation of the mind, the realm of freedom, that is, creativity and creative thinking.
Chairman Liu Xiangwu put forward five requirements for management technicians:
First, we must master our time. Time is our most important and fundamental resource.
Second, asking yourself, what can I contribute to, and there is no value on managers if without contribution.
Third, make use of people's strengths, communicate with each other, work as a team, develop oneself and achieve others.
Fourth, give priority to important things and do great things.
Fifth, be brave to make decisions with responsibility, because innovation is about making decisions with presumably right and possibly wrong.
 With a broader vision, more ambitious goals and a more tenacious fighting spirit, we will carry forward the spirit of hard work, pragmatism and dare to be the first, and do a good job of all kinds of innovation, especially management innovation. Shaping the new ecology, new business model management model, make its own contribution, and work hard to take Shengrui into an innovative enterprise!


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